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Semi private Original Cabins

Our original cabins are the most historic sleeping accommodations in The Bowery House. Originally built in the 1940's for soldiers returning home from World War II, many of the initial inhabitants of these rooms never left what was supposed to be temporary housing. In fact, hundreds of the individuals that moved into 220 Bowery when it was called the Prince Hotel, spent upwards of 50 years living in these single rooms. It was these long term occupants that eventually came to personify the gritty nature of the Bowery during its reign as New York's 'Skid Row' from the 1950's through late 90's.

With our complete historical restoration down to every original construction detail, travelers will note that these beds are slightly smaller in length than a twin bed with a length of 69" and historic lattice work ceilings. These cabins are ideal for individuals on a budget or looking to enjoy the authentic nature and living history of 220 Bowery.These rooms have a small dresser and the bathrooms are shared.